New WNGH Hospice Suite

The West Nipissing General Hospital was very pleased to officially open the WNGH one (1) bed Hospice Suite today. Earlier this fall the NELHIN approached the WNGH regarding the possibility of opening and operating a one (1) bed Hospice suite. Over the past several years the NELHIN has been discussing a hospice in North Bay, so we were pleasantly pleased when the NELHIN approved a one (1) bed unit in West Nipissing. Additionally a one (1) bed Hospice Suite was approved for Mattawa Hospital and a 6 bed hospice has been approved for North Bay.

The one (1) bed Hospice Suite at the WNGH will be for the patients and residents of West Nipissing. Some one time funding was provided to build and operate the suite; additional operating dollars are expected to follow.  This new model is very much in keeping with the MOHLTC residential hospice model.

Our hospice unit is now completed and today at 1100 we were very excited to official have a grand opening and unveil our hospice unit. The hospice unit at WNGH was named the “Hummingbird Hospice Colibri” by our employees and voted on through a fun competition. There are many distinguished people that we need to thank: first and foremost the NELHIN for funding and approving a one (1) bed hospice suite for the residents of West Nipissing; Vianny Morin our contractor extraordinaire who is inspired and builds such beautiful rooms for our patients. Thank you Vianny, this room is full of warmth because of your talent and big heart. A heartfelt that you is also extended to Dr. Klère Bourgault for purchasing and donating the beautiful futon for the families. A special thank you is extended to Joanne and Dan Vallière from Stereo Plus Sturgeon Falls for donating the fridge and microwave, Mrs. Claire Trepanier for donating the flat screen TV in memory of her husband Raymond Trepanier and Marcelle Cloutier for donating the beautiful hand-painted painting.

The hospice suite implementation has been graciously embraced by the WNGH employees and physicians. We will work in partnership with the CCAC, Near North Palliative Care Network and other agencies to ensure our patients receive quality end of life care that is dignified, comfortable and satisfactory to both the patient and the family members.1 2 3 4 5



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