Ontario Breast Screening Program 50/50 Challenge


All across the region Ontario Breast Screening Program sites are hosting a “50/50 Challenge’ event on Monday May7, 2012.

If you are a woman, 50 years or over you are eligible to enter in the provincial OBSP system. You do not need a physician’s referral.

Ontario Breast Screening Program invites you to join the Challenge!

Come in for a mammogram!

When: Monday, May 7, 2012
Time: 9:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.
Where: 725 Coursol Road, Sturgeon Falls
Questions? 753-4392 or 1-800-661-8897

Gifts & refreshments for all who attend!

Did you know that May 1st is Doctor’s Day?

Our local doctors are an integral part of our community. Doctor’s Day is a wonderful opportunity for patients, community members, and coworkers to show their appreciation and gratitude.

Health care jobs can be labour intensive, especially in small communities where our physicians are expected to be a “Jack of all trades”. This day provides an opportunity to reflect on the impact your physician has on your daily life in terms of health, well-being and quality of life. We want to encourage you to help us thank our local doctors.

Many of our physicians have been practicing in our community for a long time and an expression of gratitude can be a great acknowledgement of their amazing dedication to this community. We encourage you to take the time to write a letter, send a card, or make a phone call and let your physician know that you are thankful for the outstanding service they provide.

Special thanks to our wonderful team of physicians!


West Nipissing General Hospital obtains 3 year CAR Accreditation

The WNGH mammography department has successfuly received a 3 year accreditation award with the Canadian Association of Radiologists (CAR). The Mammography Final Report speaks highly of our services, technologists and the quality of our program. Congratulations to Kathie Smith, Cheryl Danis and Natalie Henderson-Ouellette for their dedication to breast health in West Nipissing.

Congratulations to our mammography team,

Giving the WNGH a “Virtual Voice”

For some time now, I have been releasing regular Community Connections articles, distributing monthly CEO newsletters, and now I have decided to bring the voice of the WNGH viral. Social networking through the use of internet-based and other electronic social media tools are integrated into everyday life, and we want the WNGH to be a part of it. The WNGH will now include a blog on our website (www.wngh.ca). I will be the author of the blog and posts will include newsletters, WNGH updates and comments/updates on news within the world of health care.

The blog will also provide a platform where our patients, family members, and community members can share their thoughts on topics. We hope to use the blog as a means to open the lines of communication between the residents of West Nipissing and the WNGH. Your comments will be welcome on all posts with the agreement to the website Conditions of Use. Below are some points to keep in mind when reading and commenting on a public blog:

·        The information found on the website is general information only and should not be considered an alternative to medical care from your health care provider.
·        The blog and its comments are publicly accessible. Please do not share personal information you wish to keep confidential.
·        You should not post any information which is defamatory, obscene, fraudulent or false. We reserve the right to remove posts and deny access if you engage in conduct that violates the law or the website Conditions of Use and is found to be offensive and disrespectful.
·        We may at times provide links to other websites, photos or videos. The WNGH does not take responsibility for the content on these websites nor are we affiliated with them.

I look forward to the virtual conversations we will have and believe this blog will prove to be a great tool in improving communication between the WNGH and the community we serve.